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Hedras David Ramos Velasquez , better known as Hedras Ramos was born on February 3, 1992 in Guatemala City and is a Guitarist Rock / Fusion Instrumental. Throughout his career, he opened for bands like Kansas, White Cross, Die Toten Hosen, and was personally chosen by Axl Rose to open the show of Guns N 'Roses Tour on "Chinese Democracy" in Guatemala.
Hedras began his career at age 6 playing Drums and in 2005, at age 13, began his entudos on guitar. Hedras studying 7 hours or more per day and arrived on holiday from school to school 12 hours. In 2009 Ramos and produzio recorded his 1st album called "New Sounds." Starting dai Ramos began to participate in various competitions and in 2009 won 2nd place in the competition of Guitar Idol, held in London, UK, and in 2010 also won 2nd place in another event World held in Bucharest, Romania, named Chitarelor Ziua .

Ramos Hedras Hello, welcome to Guitar Connection.

01 - You started playing drums, and at age 13 began studying guitar as it was this change?
I started with the battery Inertial believe that children are attracted by the action and the noise, this is something that has a battery, but at age 13 my father gave me an Ibanez JS100, my father heard very G3 with Satriani, Vai Eric Johnson and has since started the adventure in music.

02 - You studied seven hours a day and on holidays arrived to study 12 hours, tell us a little about that?
When I was 14 years and 15 years, used to play my guitar a lot and practice the things I liked. I studied a lot of new things, music, techniques, harmony, and I believe that these years were instrumental in developing many of the techniques that I use and have contributed to my musical style.

03 - How was school reconcile with his career since very early began to study guitar, record music and do shows?
When I started high school, I decided to study at home, that is Home - School, to have more time for music and all the things involved in being a musician:
studying, rehearsing, composing, have students, interviews, concerts and so on.
I think being in the Home School was a great help and an advantage for me.

04 - Today, what is your study routine?
Now I have no well-defined routine, but on a normal day I play a lot of guitar. I play songs that have chords that I like a lot about improvisation Backing Tracks, sometimes with a metronome practice some things I need to improve my technique, students and compose a lot of music, there is no specific order.
I'll change when I get bored because I do not want the music to be something boring in my life.

05 - Of all the techniques he learned during his career, is there any who has given headache to learn? And that tip you can give to anyone who is studying this technique?
The technique we have studied is more on playing the notes in the scale without using the pick.
What this really helped me is practicing things slow with some Metronome and Backing Tracks, trying to create independence for each finger, but I'm still far from reaching where I'm going with this technique, but I'll keep practicing.

06 - What were the guitarists that most influenced you in the beginning?
Earlier form Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci and Paul Gilbert, little by little I have been finding amazing musicians of Fusion, which means that there is a great mix of different genres in their styles, so I listen to many different genres.

07 - What else have you heard lately?
Lately I have heard many guitarists including, Guthrie Govan, Jimmy Herring, Oz Noy, Jonathan Kriesberg, Shaw Lane, progressive bands like Periphery and Animals Leaders, in recent years I've heard more classical music, pianists and Russian composers of the Romantic period.

08 - You play Piano, Bass and Drums. Is there any instrument that has yet to play? Any instrument that has a desire to play but have not had the opportunity?
I love Saxophone. Actually I do not play piano, but use as a tool for composing, but I really
I would love to play Piano

09 - His 1st album "New Sound" was recorded when you were only 16 years old, how was this process?
I wrote this album when I was 14 and 15 years, not much to tell, except that was the beginning of when I wanted to learn to play guitar and I was interested in composing music and explore the world of music and it was really the start of something and thankfully, there are people who liked and bought my album, what makes me happy

10 - His 2nd album "The Holy Gift of Shred" was totally dedicated to Christmas, as did the idea?
Yeah! It's an EP with 5 songs of Christmas for which I made ​​the arrangements and had many good guests with the saxophonist of Miame, Ed Maina and a friend of mine on piano, Helbert Arias, with whom, by the way, sometimes tocomos, Jazz Fusion etc. banda in which Herbert and my Father founded a few years ago, called BlueRojo. The Purpose will be releasing an EP called "The rehearsals of Hedras Ramos and BlueRojo." was recorded Live in a totally informal test we had in late 2011.

11 - His 3rd album "Atoms and Space" was attended by accomplished musicians like Jennifer Batten, Andy James, Billy Ashbaugh, Muris Varajic and Sergey Boykov. Tell us how was this experience?
I think this is my first album. It marks the beginning of my career and represents the way I saw the music when I was 18 years old and are songs that still play wherever I go and I think I'll always enjoy them. For me it is the beginning of a life full of surprises and music and was a great honor for me to have all these songs already mentioned.

12 - In 2003 his father formed the band in 2010 and BluesROJO you joined the band. How to you play a different style of his since Funk Band plays \ Jazz \ Latin?
Working with musicians who play different genres to which you are not familiar, is a good experience that every musician should live. I learned a lot and seeing musicians playing Jazz and Blues, but not consider myself a guitarist can teach these genres. I believe that every day I learn more about them and understand more of these different styles of music.

13 - All his recordings, which his music and his favorite solo?
Atoms and Space is the album you would like to share with people is what I want people to hear and there are many songs on this album that I like, but I highlight the music Virtual Tangles, Anastasya and Vanilla Clouds.

14 - We know you're endorser of some brands, but would like to know more about setting up their guitars. (Collection, String, Adjustments and the like)

Use Halo Guitars at the moment. I'm working with them for about 3 years, drawing my Signature Guitar, which can be seen at: www.haloguitars.com , use Dean Markley strings 0010 and Xotic effects pedals. Soon two new models will come out of my Signature Strings 6 and 8 respectively. These new models feature improvements over the previous model, which incidentally is very good!

15 - What used on the recordings of their albums and have used it today on recordings and in live performances?
Atoms and Space on disk used a Carvin V3, a Blackstar HT100, a JC900, a Sears Silverstone (Vintage) and many pedals. Almost the entire album was recorded with my 1st guitar Hallo Morbus. Nowadays depends on whether it is from Gig Blues and Jazz use the Xotic pedal Silverstone with my songs and if I use Carvin V3

16 - In your career you've played and opened show of various artists such as Kansas, White Cross, Switfoot, Die Hosen Tolen, Guns N 'Roses, etc.. Could you tell us about these experiences? Any funny or curious story comes to your head about these presentations?
When I touched the presentation of Di Toten Hosen (German Punk Band A) I returned from a trip on that day of the presentation, my mother came with my amp and my pedals at the airport to pick us up and we went straight to the presentation and not me gave time for nothing!

17 - Christopher Lee recorded an album called Charlemagne: The Omens of Death and has its share. Tell us how was this invitation? And the video he recorded talking about you and your music?
Thanks to my Dad (who is my manager) that I wrote on a website for musicians. We found the Entrepreneur of Mr. Christopher Lee, after the guitarist who was working with him, went to join Judas Priest.
I composed two songs for the album and recorded all the guitars and my father recorded the low of the entire disc.

18 - You have two songs that are part of the Games' Rock Band. " What was the impact of his work after the game?
The songs that are in this game are Insanity of the Atoms and Stellar Crash, the songs are available for XBOX. This has been a very good and fun because you see people playing their music over the Internet is something "cool" that you satisfaction.

19 - What are your plans for the future? Some ongoing project?
A new project for the Central JamTrack this way and soon the two new models Hedras Ramos Signature Guitar will conclude with Halo Guitars, A model of 8 strings that will be sold worldwide.
Another project is that I'm writing new songs for a new album.

20 - Regarding your career, what is your dream?
I would love to have a busy schedule and do a world tour, share my music with people you like, share with many musicians continue to learn from everyone and do not stop learning new things about music.

21 - Come to a section of questions and answers fast! (Answer with a word or short phrase that define these terms):
One. His Father - Incredible
2nd. A favorite style of music - Romantic Classic
3rd. Favorite band - Aquarium Rescue Unit
4th. A guitar (brand and model) - Halo Hedras Ramos Signature
5th. Show that unforgettable watched - Paul Gilbert in Milan
6th. Guitarist who influenced you to start playing - Joe Satriani
7th. Best guitarist of today - Guthrie Govan
Eight. A country that dreams play - Brazil

22 - How is the experience of playing in the same band that your dad? Tell us a bit this partnership Father and Son?
It's pretty cool up on stage and play with your Father, there is a sense of camaraderie and support

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To all the musicians who took the time to read this interview, I hope every one in particular, find something interesting and I wish success to all my friend's Guitar Connection.

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